Dog Portrait of Catie Copley

Catie Copley

Catie is the Canine Ambassador of the Fairmont Copley Plaza. The day I went to the hotel to take photographs, Catie was quite active. The first photo on the right was my favorite, but as you can see she was moving when I snapped the photo. The second photo of Catie came out better, but I wanted a profile.

I made a couple of sketches from the photographs and then the final portrait of Catie Copley. As you can see from the finished watercolor, a good portrait of your pet dog does not require a perfect photograph. This is the advantage of having an artist create your pet portrait. I can also work with photos that have been torn or otherwise damaged, but it helps to have multiple photographs so that I can really capture your pet's individual personality.

Visit Catie at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. You can find her own product line in the Fairmont Shop at the Dartmouth Street entrance.

Sketches of Catie Copley